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 Dynasty's training arts

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Dynasty's training arts Empty
PostSubject: Dynasty's training arts   Dynasty's training arts Icon_minitimeThu Aug 27, 2009 10:38 pm

okayy we all know training is always needed,...
so i'll hold some intense training sessions when i'm on,...
now what it's gonna be is...

[FH$] members who want to become stronger,...
and strong players like [MFU] or [ORK] or [KOD].
no noobs or amateurs. MAYBE,...exceptions.
Just strong players. This gives the best experience and training.

First map in Silo,..then Supply depo then Hospital and finally security base,...
these maps are the best for combat and definitely not nooby like ravine or harbour.
So while hydro and bullet recruit em',...
i'll be training the ambitious ones to become stronger.

hit me up on MSN if you wanna train,..
only RC mode cause thats what we like here Twisted Evil

in addition, is coming up,... Razz
so i'll be hosting training sessions when i get home,...
this will be about 15.30 or 15.45. in UK time.
when school starts training wont be so intense,...
just to keep the stress off lol.!!

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Dynasty's training arts
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