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 Aim mastery

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Aim mastery Empty
PostSubject: Aim mastery   Aim mastery Icon_minitimeFri Aug 28, 2009 9:33 pm

well basically this just takes practice,...
but i noticed i'm getting the hang of it,...
so your in first person right??
but just getting your gun out wont cut it,...
its a bit too low, you have to make it just the right height,...
to own people's heads,...

in addition,...when you crouch to reload or dodge,...
that will fuck up your aim sometimes,...
so it's personal skill to make yourself aim right,...

a plus technique to this skill is that you can crouch
and then shoot people in the head,.. or even,...
straffe and aim downward to shoot people in the head,...
all these are pretty simple but i know many players jus
straffe around shooting.

if your good you could roll into a lie down and then aim at their head and shoot em'
i've done this a couple times and its fun.

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Aim mastery
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